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“At Weaver Wellness, we’re revolutionizing how our patients treat and care for their minds, body, and soul through comprehensive, custom-tailored wellness center services in Houston. We’re committed to putting our patients first and are proud to offer diverse analysis and treatment options. Because we believe every patient deserves to live the happy, healthy, well-rounded lifestyle they love while reaching their personal weight loss and skin health goals.

When you trust the wellness professionals at Weaver Wellness with your health, you’ll discover a patient-center, holistic approach that’s built around understanding your goals, identifying your needs, and delivering unparalleled results custom-tailored to your body and lifestyle.”

What We Treat

Our wellness professionals are committed to working closely with every patient to curate, design, and develop an individual treatment plan custom-tailored to your specific needs. With the full-service support of our highly trained on-site professionals, you’ll have peace of mind and comfort every step of the way.

At Weaver Wellness, we treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, including:

Physical Health

» Fatigue

» Allergies or Weakened Immune System

» Weight loss & Digestive Health

» Acne

» Decreased Libido or Low Testosterone

» Hormone and Drug Analysis

Mental Health

» Stress

» Anxiety

» Depression

Pain Management

» Headaches & Joint Pain

» Sports Injuries

» Neck spasms

Aesthetics & Health

» Botox & Fillers

» Skincare

» Weight loss

» Testosterone/pellets

» Supplements

» Post-op care

» Labs

A Holistic approach to whole-body health.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or simply feel better, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help. We offer comprehensive lab evaluations, which will give us the information we need, then metabolic testing and nutritional counseling with customized diet plans based on your needs, including lipotropic injections when applicable.

We work closely with every patient to develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored, holistic approach to whole-body health. With the dedicated support of our experienced team, we create a safe and sensible timeline for every patient to be able to achieve the long-term, healthy lifestyle changes they’re searching for.

The Wellness Wheel

Your health is not one-dimensional, but rather eight dimensions that influence each other and impact your ability to live a healthy, well-rounded life. Finding balance in all parts of the wellness wheel is the key to true wellness.

The Eight Dimensions of Your Whole-Body Health:

You Deserve To Look And Feel Your Best

If you’re done with the rubber banding diets, frustrated by exercise routines that don’t deliver your desired results, or want to create long-term health and aging that actually lasts, there’s no better place for wellness center services in Houston than with the specialists at Weaver Wellness.

With our physician-guided weight loss management services you’ll be able to finally see results, feel comfortable in your own skin, and discover the new you that you’ve always wanted. From IV therapy and Botox therapy to comprehensive Houston skin care services, we put your whole-body’s health first.

Discover a new level of wellness with Weaver Wellness Center today.


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Our Team Of Experts

We are passionate about helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Each team member brings their own specialized training and experience to our team, striving to provide compassionate, comprehensive support to every patient. We’re committed to providing a safe space where everyone can find what works best for their health and wellness goals. Achieving your personal health and wellness goals is easy when you have the dedicated and professional support of the team at Weaver Wellness.

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    Hi LaDonna, How are you doing today? I hope you feel like me. FANTASTIC!!! In the morning my RA kicks in with my ankles and feet.  I just got up and walked out of bed. Unbelievable!!! ( no pain or stiffness) This service is the bomb!!! Thanks again. Just amazing…. Have a Great Day Oh ya, one more thing. That needle went like a mosquito bite. Didn’t feel a thing till after I looked down and see it there. You need to teach your technique to the rest of the nurses and nurse spectationers in the world! I can jump and land with no pain!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!

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    Dr. January has been such an amazing mentor throughout my college journey. She has continuously take the time to provide one on one test prep tips to help me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses. With her tips and guidance, I graduated in the top 10% of my undergraduate class and was accepted into my first choice graduate school program!